NSW Police Commissioner - NSW liar cop Supt. Gary Worboys MEGA LIAR

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ex NSW Police Superinintendent Gary Worboys has to be one of the biggest liars ever to put on a NSW Police Uniform. Gary Worboys conned and deliberately lied to my wife and I, our Barristers, Solicitors and the newspapers, and radio stationa, after one of Gary Worboys criminal cops, Leslie Charles Gilroy terrorised, threatened, invaded our home, robbed, looted and trashed our home, businesses and property while in the company of other criminals, home invaders, looters and thieves, Lloyd Stephen Ganzerla, Eugene Cleveland Ganzerla, Tracey Ae Ganzerla, Belinda Jane Ganzerla, Joan Margaret Ganzerla, Gemma Mary Christina Reid, Barry Smith, and Ronald John Smith.

ex NSW Police Superinintendent Gary Worboys rogue, scoundrel, villain, cheat, criminal because of his lies to us so he could protect his thieving criminal cop Leslie Charles Gilroy



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NSW Police Commissioner - Andrew Phillip Scipione employs armed robber cops

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Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione helps criminal Leslie Charles Gilroy NSW Police Officer

Gilroy a criminal NSW cop (employee of Andrew Phillip Scipione the Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force) armed with a pistol, in company with other criminals

Lloyd Stephen Ganzerla NSW

Belinda Jane Ganzerla (nee Keuning) NSW

Eugene Cleveland Ganzerla NSW

Tracy Anne Ganzerla (nee Payne) NSW

Joan Margaret Ganzerla (nee Newman) NSW

Ronald John and Barry Smith (ex Harden NSW area)

Gemma Reid-Newman-Hunter-McManus (she is always using different names)

ALL the above criminals robbed my wife and I

see the whole story here


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